Accounting service

1.Providing quality accounting      services according to accounting and tax principles.

2.Able to provide services for all types of businesses that provide services such as online/store selling business, service business, import-export business. Construction business real estate etc.

3.Monthly, yearly accounting services.

4.Set up accounting system.

Accounting and tax consulting

1.Proper tax planning Complies with tax rules.

2.Planning and consulting to make tax expenditure legally comply.

3.Preparing VAT documents Monthly and yearly.

4.Preparation of corporate income tax filing.

5.As a tax advisor.

6.Contact the Revenue Department and contacting the income tax refund for the company according to the annual Revenue Department records.

Benefits that customers will receive from our company.

1.When customers have quality tax advisors, they will make tax planning more efficient and reduce the risk of being charged back.

2.Customers are confident able to move forward steadily makes us get rid of the problem of clearing the account. Consulting and auditing by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

3.Save tax money. The company can advise mistake causing money leakage that does not benefit.

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